As announced in November 2017, AYSA's premier program (RV Slammers) has developed a partnership with Mount Rainier FC (MRFC).  For those who may not be familiar with the RV Slammers and MRFC soccer footprint, our clubs overlap primarily in the Black Diamond and Enumclaw areas. Our players are essentially neighbors, with many attending the same schools, participating in similar community activities, etc.  Most importantly, the leadership of both clubs have a mutual vision for the future of youth soccer in our region. 

Partnership Benefits:
+ Resources are being pooled which will result in more and improved opportunities for players in all age groups.
+ The clubs are bringing together two well-run, well-structured programs with a shared curriculum, along with continued direction provided by properly licensed coach(s).
+ The pooling of player numbers will increase the number of multiple teams in every age group, thereby strengthening the quality of all teams.
+ With the significant increase in player numbers, there will be more options with regard to league choices, high level tournament opportunities, and college showcase participation.
+ The partnership is affording access to a larger number of lighted turf fields and several additional grass fields.
+ We have met with community leaders and major employers in both regions, and all are fully committed to investing in this union of clubs and are prepared to fully support the program.


The MRFC - SLAMMERS premier program has the continued support of Walid and Ziad Khoury, Founders and Directors of Coaching for Slammers FC of Newport Beach, California. Slammers FC is one of the most successful and prestigious youth soccer clubs in the United States ( Walid and Ziad help train our players and our coaches, and we have incorporated their highly successful curriculum and style of play into all our teams. Walid and Ziad support us at the national level, helping our teams and players get the attention they deserve from tournament directors and college coaches. This partnership has been instrumental in building a truly premier soccer program. We put special emphasis on developing our own young players, and showcasing older players to college coaches. Winning is important, but training young people to be great soccer players and great students and citizens is our main mission!
For a list of the MRFC - SLAMMERS coaching assignments for 2018-2019, please CLICK HERE.
PLAYER FEES 2018/2019
For a list of player fees by age group and a description of other costs and policies associated with the MRFC - SLAMMERS premier program, please CLICK HERE.
For further information, please contact the MRFC - SLAMMERS Director of Coaching, Luke Howells (