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Welcome to Rainier Valley Slammers!  We are very proud of our outstanding local coaches and volunteers, but one thing that makes our club different than the rest is our association with Walid and Ziad Khoury, Founders and Directors of Coaching for Slammers FC of Newport Beach, California. Slammers FC is one of the most successful and prestigious youth soccer clubs in the United States, Walid and Ziad help train our players and our coaches on a continual basis, and we are incorporating their highly successful curriculum and style of play into all our teams. Walid and Ziad are there for us at the national level, helping our teams and players get the attention they deserve from tournament directors and college coaches. This partnership is helping us build a truly premier soccer program. Rainier Valley Slammers is a member of the Regional Club League (RCL) and plays against the other top Premier clubs in our state. We are a club on the rise! Most importantly, we put player development, and communication with parents first. All of our players are guaranteed significant playing time throughout the year. We put special emphasis on developing our own young players, and showcasing older players to college coaches. Winning is important, but training young people to be great soccer players and great students and citizens is our main mission!


Tryouts will be comprised of 2 sessions grouped by age/gender and are based on the player’s birth year.  

Online registration for the tryout sessions is strongly recommended. Please register your player(s) well in advance of the tryout dates.  This will assist our evaluators in preparing for each session and speed up the check-in process. There is NO fee to attend tryouts.  Please CLICK HERE to register now. Upon completion of the online registration, you will receive a confirmation email with a waiver form attached that must be signed by a parent and presented at check-in.

It is highly recommended that players attend both sessions for their age group. If a player is unable to do so, please notify a staff member and/or evaluator at check-in.

Session 1 will involve a technical carousel so every player has the opportunity to showcase their technical ability which will then be followed by small sided games (4v4).

Session 2 will involve games for understanding (9v9) which will showcase the players' knowledge of the game and how they apply their technical skills in a competition. 

Important details:

  • Plan to arrive 30 minutes before your session start-time, allowing time for traffic and parking; the registration booth will be open 30 minutes before each session.
  • Bring your signed waiver form.​  Players will not be permitted on the field without a form signed by a parent.
  • A numbered pinnie will be issued to allow the player on the field; you must check in at the registration booth each day before taking the field.
  • Bring water, and dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Shin guards MUST be worn to participate.
  • Players should not wear apparel with logos from their Select, Club, or EPD team.
  • Parents and spectators are not allowed on the fields or inside the gates.  You are more than welcome to watch around the perimeter of the fence.
  • Dates and times are subject to change. Please check this schedule prior to leaving for a session.

Tryout sessions for the 2018-2019 season will take place at Game Farm Park (GFP) at 3030 R Street, Auburn (check-in booth is adjacent to the farthest soccer field, in the shack attached to the restrooms),  and Bonney Lake High School (BLHS) at 10920 199th AVE CT E, Bonney Lake.  Please CLICK HERE to register now.

2000s Feb 13/7:00-8:30pm/GFP  Feb 15/7:00-8:30pm/BLHS  
2001s Feb 13/7:00-8:30pm/GFP  Feb 15/7:00-8:30pm/BLHS  
2002s Feb 13/7:00-8:30pm/GFP  Feb 15/7:00-8:30pm/BLHS  
2003s Feb 13/5:30-7:00pm/GFP  Feb 15/5:30-7:00pm/BLHS  
2004s Feb 13/5:30-7:00pm/GFP  Feb 15/5:30-7:00pm/BLHS  
2005s TBD    
2006s TBD    
2007s TBD    
2008s TBD    
2009s TBD    
2010/2011 Jr. Academy TBD    
2000s TBD    
2001s TBD    
2002s TBD    
2003s TBD    
2004s TBD    
2005s TBD    
2006s TBD    
2007s TBD    
2008s TBD    
2009s TBD    
2010/2011 Jr. Academy TBD    

For a list of coaching assignments for the 2017-2018 year, CLICK HERE.

To register a player for the 2018 tryouts, CLICK HERE (the link will take you to our Bonzi registration website). If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact our registrar. If you have any questions regarding tryouts or club costs, please contact our director.

Note: Financial assistance is available for low income families who meet the criteria, click here for more information about our Financial Assistance Program.

College Coordinator Megan DeHan (former player and coach with Seattle University), is on board to assist U15+ players and families. Megan works closely with Walid Khoury and his college staff at Slammers FC to help our players get regional and national attention, and to make sure our teams are placed into the most prestigious college showcase tournaments.


2011-2010 Jr Academy (U8-U9) TBD
2009 (U10) TBD
2008-2003 (U11-U14) TBD
2004-2000 (U15-U19) BOYS

2004-2000 (U15-U19) GIRLS



*Player fees include field usage fees for practices and games, coach training fee, league fees, referee fees, player insurance, goal keeper training, technical training sessions, training equipment, State Cup entry fee for qualifying age groups.  Uniform kits must be purchased at an additional cost.

Training sessions are held at different locations in Auburn and the surrounding area depending on field availability throughout the year. Locations include, but are not limited to, Game Farm Park, Auburn School District high schools, and the Muckleshoot Tribal School.  Click here for field information.

Player Apparel
For all training sessions, RVS players should wear their navy training jersey, navy shorts, and navy socks (with the exception of goalkeeper training sessions, for which goalies are allowed to wear their own goalkeeper jersey/pants). All jerseys, shorts and socks must be RVS apparel. "Non-club" apparel is not permitted at any time.

Technical & Tactical (TnT) is a new program introduced to the RV Slammers this year by our new Jr. Academy Youth Director Mark Bickham, you can find Mark's biography on the coaches page.

What is the definition of "practice?"
According to Mr. Webster the answer is, "to work at repeatedly until perfection." 
So that's exactly what we do at TnT, we work on perfecting the technical and tactical basic skills and concepts that are presumed obvious and thus the most overlooked.
Technical Skills: there are four (4) main skills required in all invasive sports, they are:
Dribbling & Moves: dribbling, keeping the ball under tight control, with ability to touch the ball every time the player takes a step allowing ability to deceive opponents by using moves like the step over, scissors, cryuff, stop turn or combinations of moves to change direction to create passing or shooting opportunities for oneself or ones teammates.
Passing: there is also a limited number of passes, think of your leg as three (3) different golf club. They are the driver, the wedge, and the putter. 
1) putter used for the push pass, very much like "putting" the ball in golf. Used primarily for accurate short to mid range passes;
2) wedge to loft/chip the ball in the air with velocity much like a cross, corner kick or a free kick;
3) driver to strike the ball for power and distance would be the same as shooting with the instep of your foot when attempting to score a goal.
Shooting: there is only nine (9) different ways to shoot, 1) a stationary ball 2) a ball coming towards you 3) a ball going away from you 4) a ball along side of you 5) a ball coming across you, now you add four (4) more by striking volleys/half volleys from balls in the air, across you, alongside of you, towards you, away from you for a total of nine (9).
Catching/Control: catching is the same as control in soccer, we use seven (7) parts of our bodies to control (catch) the ball out of the air, whilst every other invasive sport uses the palms of the hands and fingers to do all of the above mentioned skills, below are the seven (7) consistent surfaces used by soccer players to 1) dribble 2) pass 3) shoot 4) control (catch).
  1. Instep of the foot
  2. Inside of the foot
  3. Outside of the foot
  4. Sole of the foot (vastly underutilized in the US soccer culture) 
  5. Thigh
  6. Chest
  7. Forehead
Tactical Skills & Concepts:
If you don't know what your opponent "has" to do, how do you know what you "can" do? 
We believe every situation has an exact answer and options depending on the number of active participants. i.e. 2vs1 would be one of 4 choices, choice 1) dribble 2) wall pass 3) overlap or 4) take over, with the answer being dependent on where and how the defender is situated.
Invasive sports are a combination of stagnant and mobile situations, we stress teaching the principles of attacking, defending and transition which apply to every invasive sport allowing our players to have better "Situation Recognition!"
1. Improvisation: Every game consists of 1 vs1 battles, in fact, fifty percent of any invasive game is 1v1 so "Improvisation" is an essential skill to poses if you want to be a successful athlete;
2. Wall pass: or give n go as most know it. This is a skill that is performed with a teammate to penetrate past an opponent or opponents;
3. Overlapping runs: this skill is performed with a teammate to creat a 2vs1 opportunity usually performed on the flanks of the field;
4. Takeovers: this skills is also performed with a teammate to manipulate and deceive an opponent, again usually used near the touch line;
5. Pressure and Cover defending: pressure is the first defender who delays, directs the opponent on the ball, cover is his fellow defender who plays behind the pressure player to ensure the ball and/or opponent doesn't get by. Rule for defending "man or ball get by, but NEVER both!
6. Third man running: is a combination of a wall pass and an overlap that involves 3 players used to penetrate into opponents final third, again usually used on the flanks of the field and in most cases frees up an outside defender to attack into the final third of the field for crossing or shooting opportunities; 
7. Linking up: is performed with 3 players, this is when say, a defender knocks a long ball up to a forward who then lays it off to a midfield teammate who is joining into the attack to then possibly create a through ball or the third man run;
8. Switching the point: of attack is what you do when the side your team is initially attacking, however there is no way through so you "switch" the ball to the other side of the field to seek a way through the defense;
9. Transition: converting from offense to defense or defense to offense. (We have the ball to they have the ball or visa versa).
Situation Recognition Ultimately we believe the game consists of "stagnant situations" (set pieces) and "mobile situations" (2vs1, 3vs2, etc.) that the players need to be able to quickly recognize on the fly and know how to manipulate the situations to their advantage.

Goalkeeper Training
Weekly training sessions for all RVS goalkeepers are held throughout the year with Goalkeeper Coach Kelly Bendixen. Kelly is a highly experienced USSF National "A" and a NSCAA National Level 1 GK License holder. The training sessions are currently held on Wednesdays at the Muckleshoot Tribal School (15209 SE 376th Street, Auburn). Please contact Becky Lindor for the schedule.

Specialized Skills Training
RVS holds specialized skills training sessions at various times throughout the year that are conducted by Slammers FC DOC Walid Khoury and other Slammers FC staff members. Walid and his staff work with our coaches and players to further develop their skill set utilizing the Slammers FC training curriculum.

Walid Khoury, Slammers FC Director of Coaching
Walid, along with his brother Ziad, have become two of the most recognizable faces and personalities on the sidelines of youth soccer fields all over the nation. Walid has experienced inarguable success with the Slammers FC. The club has remained one of Soccer America’s top ten clubs in the nation over the past 10 years. He was selected as Cal South Nike Coach of the Year in 2003, along with receiving Cal South Presidents award in 2003 for his years of dedication and contribution to youth soccer. As assistant coach for the Pali Blues USL W-league team he helped them in 2008 to a 12-0 undefeated season and the W-league championship. The brothers have placed numerous players in every major Division-1 conference, and over 15 players have participated in the national team system. Under the tutelage of the Khoury brothers, Alexa Orand was named the 2004 National Player of the Year and Danesha Adams was selected the 2006 U.S. Soccer Federation Youth Player of the Year.

Cheyne Gordon, Slammers FC Staff Coach
Associate Head Coach for the Women’s Soccer team at Concordia University Irvine…a top 25 program in the NAIA. Gordon holds his United States Soccer Federation (USSF) "B" license, and has served for the Cal South U.S. Olympic Development Program since 2009, winning 2 regional titles with the 1997 girls. Gordon, who earned his bachelor's from Concordia in 2005, is in his second year coaching with Slammers FC in Newport Beach, after having previously coached in the ECNL and Red Bull League for Irvine Strikers. His club coaching resume also includes stints at the RSM Storm and Orange County Blue Star semi-pro team. He served as a varsity men's assistant coach for Canyon High School from 2002-2004. A four-year player at Concordia, Gordon served as a team captain. He scored 15 goals and racked up 46 career points thanks to 16 assists—which ranks No. 4 on the school charts.

2017 Rainier Valley Slammer Classic
The Rainier Valley Slammers Classic is the perfect way to start off your tournament season. This tournament is perfect for all teams whether you are just starting a new team, bringing in new players to an existing team or just want to get some good solid competition for your existing team. The tournament will be held at Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila, WA, conveniently located near I5 and 405.

Managed by Starfire Sports
2018 Date Coming Soon
Boys & Girls U10-U19
Premier & Select Teams
Entry Fee U10 (7v7) $500
Entry Fee U11 & U12 (9v9) $500
Entry Fee U13 & Older (11v11) $600

  • U10 is 7v7, 25-minute halves
  • U11 & U12 is 9v9, 25-minute halves
  • U13 & Older is 11v11, 30-minute halves
  • 3 game minimum
  • 1st & 2nd place awards
  • Game balls provided
  • Washington State referees
  • Out of state teams
  • Paid parking in effect at Starfire
  • Registration deadline is June 11th OR UNTIL FILLED.
  • Click here to register today!
Ordering information will be provided by the team manager. Please contact your team manager.
Updated information on how to order RVS Spirit wear coming soon. Links found on this page will take you directly to the vendor's website where you can shop from a variety of styles and items. Show your support by sporting RVS fan wear around town! Note: Spirit Wear can only be worn by players off the field (not at practices or games). Parents & supporters are exempt from this requirement.