Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Mod & Rec program and the Rainier Valley Slammers program?
Answer: The mod program is designed for all kids age 5-10 years old. The kids play on smaller fields with the number of participates based on the age group. The Rec Program is designed for kids ages 10 to 18 who want to play soccer in a more casual environment. The recreation teams are organized by the coach, the AYSA registrar, and the Director of the Rec program. There are no tryouts for the recreation teams and they play in WSYSA District 3 Association. The select program (Rainer Valley Slammers) is for athletes and parents who choose to participate at the highest level of competitive youth soccer. Teams are formed by a selection process for kids age 11 to 18. Rainier Valley Slammers teams for Boys and Girls compete in WSYSA state leagues, District 3 leagues as well as Puget Sound Premier Leagues.

How are the Rainier Valley Slammers teams formed?
Answer: Teams are formed by a tryout process at U11 and above. The tryouts are a ’practice like’ environment that takes place over a two to three day period. The kids are evaluated by several different Rainier Valley Slammers personnel (Coaches, Director of Rainier Valley Slammers, AYSA VP of Development) and then asked by the first team coach, or by the second team coach to join the team.

What happens if there are not enough kids to form a team?
Answer: AYSA strives to find a team for all players who register. However, there are times when we just don’t get enough players to form a team or multiple teams at the appropriate age group. In these cases we check with our older age groups to see if they can play up for a year. We will also check with other associations or Auburn Parks & Rec to see if they have room. Sometimes we just don’t have any options and we unfortunately have to give refunds.

How long is the Rainier Valley Slammers season?
Answer: The Rainier Valley Slammers select program is a 10 to 11 month commitment. The typical Rainier Valley Slammers season consist of 2 to 4 tournaments during late spring and early summer. During the fall and early winter the teams play a 10 to 14 week league program. During late January through mid March the teams participate in the State Championship Tournaments. Some teams also elected to play a short indoor season in the winter months.

My team has been playing together since kindergarten. How do I transition them to the Rainier Valley Slammers program?
Answer: This is done on a case by case basis. It depends on several things like coaching experience, skill level, and number of kids trying out for the age group. If we cannot accommodate the request through the Rainier Valley Slammers program we encourage the team to participate in the recreation program.

What credentials do the Rainier Valley Slammers coaches have and are their backgrounds investigated?
Answer: Rainier Valley Slammers coaches receive ongoing training that is provided by the WSYSA licensing program as well as direction from AYSA’s Director of Coaching. We encourage all of our coaches to obtain the highest level of licensing. All Rainier Valley Slammers coaches MUST HAVE current Risk Management Assessment card provided by WSYSA. These cards are verified through the Washington State Patrol.

What is included in the registration fee?
Answer: Registration fees cover expenses relating to uniforms, field rentals, field maintenance fees, new equipment purchases, equipment maintenance, referee costs, program administrative cost, as well as ongoing coaches/player training cost. Fees also cover the association insurance obligation, as well as mandatory state and district administrative fees.

Do we have to participate in fund raisers?
Answer: Rainier Valley Slammers and AYSA is a community based volunteer program that relies on its members to contribute time and energy to keep cost at a minimum without sacrificing the quality of its programs. Each year AYSA and Rainier Valley Slamemrs host a dinner auction as its main fundraiser. The auction and dinner is a great time for the entire community to come together and support youth soccer in Auburn. We ask for 100% participation from all teams in the program. In addition each team has the option to host its own individual fundraisers.

Do we have to purchase uniforms or are they supply to us?
Answer: Yes, uniforms need to be purchased through the Association and is not part of the registration fee.

Does AYSA offer financial assistance or scholarships?
Answer: Yes, assistance is available through the AYSA Scholarships program.

Do you offer discounts to families with multiple players?
Answer: At this time, AYSA does not offer a family discount. It is something the board will examine and address at the end of the current soccer season.

Who can I contact if I still have questions and where can I find additional information?
Answer: Feel free to contact the Director of the RVS program for more details.  The AYSA Board of Directiors page has a list of the club's current Directors and Program Coordinators.

How can I volunteer my time to help the AYSA program?
Answer: AYSA thrives due to the participation and involvement of volunteers! Within each program, we rely on volunteers for coaching, team managers, and team representatives. Also by contacting an AYSA board member you can learn additional ways to help with special projects or upcoming events. For example, in November AYSA will be hosting, on behalf of WSYSA, the President’s Cup District 3 Finals at Game Farm Park. For this event, we need field representatives, concession stand sales, parking attendants, and more! Periodically an AYSA board member will send out email notifications of volunteer opportunities to coaches, team managers, or general membership. Please make sure your email address is updated so that you are able to receive these notifications!

By checking the website regularly, you can learn about the upcoming events and activities and let us know how you would like to lend a hand. WSYSA runs a background check on all volunteers to make sure none of the players in our state are put in jeopardy. Thus, all volunteers must complete a Washington State Youth Risk Management Application. Click on Registration.

Who can I contact for team sponsorship information?
Answer: Please contact any board member or coach through the links on the AYSA web site. Your company can help support your child’s team by providing additional funding for practice uniforms, additional team training, additional tournament fees, and individual scholarship funds. AYSA is a certified 501c3 nonprofit corporation. To qualify for the proper tax classification all donated funds must be passed through the association. AYSA than distributes to the team (via a check) 100% of the donation.

Who can I contact for equipment and field sponsorship?
Answer: For additional sponsorship opportunity please contact any board member or the Vice President of Purchasing via the AYSA web site.

My oldest child is interested in refereeing. Who can they contact for more information?
Answer: From time to time AYSA sponsors referee certification clinics. Please Contact Bob Zipp for more information.