Rick Lane
RV Slammers Coach
Email: relimey@gmail.com
Phone: 253-569-9491

Hailing from Bournemouth, England, football is bred into you a young age.  I enjoyed many years of playing thru the equivalent of High School as a right winger / inside midfielder, and accomplished many titles for the school.  I continued to play up at college in London and stateside in Seattle.  These experiences helped to form my positive and “field experienced” coaching style I bring to the team.  I began coaching about 20 years ago, and have coached from U5 thru U14.   I have been with Rainier Valley Slammers for 5 years, including Assistant Coach and Head Coach

My beliefs and how I coach are aligned with the club philosophy .

  • POSITIVE AND REINFORCING – a welcoming coaching environment for kids to play in.
  • PLAYER DEVELOPMENT – tactical on the ball and off, physical play and field awareness.
  • FITNESS – ability to perform for 90.
  • FUN – kids must enjoy soccer as well as work hard
  • CHARACTER – on and off the field – learn how to win with class but lose with dignity
  • DISCIPLINED AND ORGANISED PRACTICES – firm foundation to enhance correct player decisions.
  • WIN WITH SKILL – play to the line not over the line.

I truly enjoy coaching, seeing youth player development and growth, both on the field and off the field, and enjoy helping shape success.

• USSF “F” license

• 20 plus years of playing experience including many titles.
• 20 years of successful coaching experience
• 5 years with Rainier Valley Slammers including division wins and tournament wins.
• Outstanding communication skills for direction with youth