Jr. Academy Program

The Jr. Academy Program provides a fun yet challenging soccer experience for younger players - ages U8 and U9. This program is for kids that are looking for more out of soccer than the Mod program. Coaches will teach the players the technical skills that will provide the players with a solid soccer foundation. Your child will train with other motivated kids with similar abilities in a positive environment for soccer so that individual and team development can be accelerated. Jr. Academy players will have an enhanced opportunity to graduate into the older premier level teams. The Jr. Academy will also create a solid foundation that will enhance your child’s passion for the game of soccer! Click here to see what a parent has to say about the Jr. Academy Program.
The Jr. Academy’s vision and purpose is a crucial part of the overall success of the club. It is important that through our academy process we start developing players at a young age and teaching them proper technical and mental skills that will set them up for success in the future. We are committed to giving each player within the Jr. Academy program a proper start to their soccer career and a great love for the game!

The Jr. Academy is a 10 t-11 month program. “Tryouts” are held in late April or early May. Teams will have an opportunity to participate in summer tournaments. League play starts in September and goes into early December. In December, some teams may take almost a month break. Practices will resume in January if a break is taken and then league starts again from late January through March. Practices usually run 1 hour, twice a week and games are once a week or twice every other week depending on the league. We do not have 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams, instead the coaches will make the teams even and may switch players around from week to week in order to build stronger players, players that are diverse and are able to play with lots of different teammates. In some cases a U-9 "hybrid team" will be formed for competitive reasons to support player development.


  1. Foundational Skills: The game of soccer has complex foundational skills that need to be mastered by all players.  In the junior program, our main goal is to teach foundational skills to our players in hopes for a solid start to a long playing career.
  2. Parent education: The junior program also looks to educate parents on the foundational skills and vision of the Slammers program.
  3. Build a LOVE for the game: The junior program also looks to create and sustain a love for the game that lasts a lifetime.


  • The junior academy consists of players from 7 to 10 years old.
  • There are two groups within the junior slammers system (U-8 & U-9)
  • The main focus of the junior system is individual player development
  • The curriculum taught to our junior Slammers was development by California Slammers and the junior academy director
  • The program offers a fall and spring league
  • Teams compete against other local Jr. Academy teams
  • Fall season runs from tryouts in May to mid-November. The players will take a winter break and start back up training in January. Spring season will kick-off in March.


  • We DO NOT care about wins or loses.
  • We DO NOT care about the score.
  • We want our juniors to use what they have learned in training, in their games.
  • We want our kids to learn how to compete.


  • Create creative and confident players within all 1v1 situations and give them all the tools to help solve these situations
  • Train players to master ball control
  • Help players gain a solid foundation on passing
  • Teach players to receive and turn with the ball
  • Players will learn to master 1V1 situations in all 3 aspects; 2V1 situations and 2V2 situations.


  • Players will learn how to be a Slammer.
  • Players will work on setting personal goals.
  • Juniors will learn how to be a teammate and how to function within a team.
  • Players will learn how to solve problems individually and solve problems as a team through game situations.
  • Juniors will learn how to respect the game, teammates, referees and the other team.


  • 6 v 6 (players on the field)
  • Size 4 ball
  • Two 20-minute halves
  • 6 x 12 goals

Each player will have a player assessment after the fall and spring season to note the development of the player and the areas of focus moving forward.

​For details about the 2018-2019 season, please contact the MRFC - SLAMMERS Director of Coaching, Luke Howells.