Rainier Valley Slammers
More than just a new name!
In 2011, we became associated with WZK, LLC, which is run by Walid and Ziad Khoury, Founders and Directors of Coaching for Slammers FC of Newport Beach, California. Slammers FC is one of the most successful and prestigious youth soccer clubs in the United States www.slammers.org. Their teams have won dozens of regional and national championships, and have sent dozens of players on to play at the collegiate and national level. This year Slammers FC were the overall club champions of the Elite Club National League – the closest thing we have to a national champion of club soccer! http://www.eliteclubsnationalleague.com/.
Walid and Ziad help train our players and our coaches. We are incorporating their highly successful curriculum and style of play in all our teams. Walid and Ziad are there for us at the national level, helping our teams and players get the attention they deserve from tournament directors and college coaches. This change is already paying dividends as evidenced by our invitation to join the Regional Club League, and by the results we are seeing on the field. We are a club on the rise!
But this transition has just begun. We are committed to bringing Walid and Ziad’s curriculum, which has been highly successful at Slammers FC, to Washington State both on and off the field. Along with Walid and Ziad, our Rainiers Valley Slammers Coaches partner with parents and players to achieve these goals, realizing that through commitment, hard work, and execution, our players "win" both on and off the playing field. Rainier Valley Slammers is committed to providing its players with a great opportunity to develop skills essential through positive growth in the sport of soccer and to leave each player with a lifelong love for the game. While developing the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological components of the game in our players, our Coaches also teach them the importance of commitment, good sportsmanship, teamwork, respect for self and others, and an ability to learn from both winning and losing. All of these components, and more, are a part of the curriculum and philosophy that Walid and Ziad bring to our Coaches and players. As Walid and Ziad have done for Slammers FC, Rainier Valley Slammers strives to be a world class soccer program through the development, progress and growth of our players.