March AYSA Board meeting Minutes


A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of Auburn Youth Soccer Association was called to order at the Auburn Fire Station, Auburn WA, at 6:29p.m. by Chris Vance, President, per the notice sent to all directors in accordance with the bylaws.
The following directors were present:
Chris Vance, President
Vacant, Director of Slammers
Vacant, Rec. Director
Anne Williams, Website/Communications
Rich Hargett, VP of Purchasing
Michael Hargett, Director of Player Development,
Joyce Harris, AYSA Admin. Asst.
Tim Secrest, Field/schedule coordinator
Mona Planesi., Secretary
Heather Rown, Auction
Krista Finney, Manager Coordinator
Bob Zipp, Referee Director
Anita Reitan, Proxy for HeliciaThompson
Sara Birt,Registrar
Adam Fufa, Mod. Director
The following directors were not present:
Helicia Thompson, Vice President
Other representatives and members of AYSA soccer community that were present:
Christy McKenzie, BU17
Sandy Guiton, GU13
Katy Radcliffe,GU11
Todd Lyttle
Jolene Robinson
Sara Britt, BU11
Mathew Goecks, BU15
Valinda Horstman, BU13
John Bomar, BU11 Assistant Coach
Angy Mathena, GU96
kari, GU002 Blue
John Gelmini, GU14 White
Charlene Brown, GU14 White
Jody Leer GU00 orange
Matt, BU10 White
Serena,BU10 Orange
Joe Poland,GU15 Orange
Michael Hargett, Coach GU12 White
Presidents Greeting: Chris Vance
Meet and Greet: Chris Vance ,President
                     Nice work and thank you for all your hard work to the members and directors.
                     Marketing tons of work-- nice wok
                     All teams are doing well
Old Business
Reviewed and voted on meeting minutes from March 18th, 2013 Chris Vance made a motion to approve minutes; motion was seconded by Bob Zipp. Motion passed.
Recreation Report, Chris Vance
                     3 teams won their leagues will get their medals. 
                     Recreation director -need to find someone to fill this position
AWARDS: Recreation team awarded medals for taking first place in league.
Recreation team for AYSA U11 boys team won their league-6 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss. Craig enjoying coaching these boys.
FUNDRAISING: GU 97’ Orange team, would like help from the board for the opportunity to raise money for team travel next year. The team would like to do several college show cases.
1.                  Texas Shoot Out
2.                  Las Vegas
3.                  Portland
4.                  Star-fire
5.                  Idaho- after winning the Challenge Cup
The board offered to help – Galazo will kick off next month and the 97’s have an opportunity to be one of the first teams to participate.
Scholarship for Mod.-- One family with two kids playing soccer need a scholarship totaling $140.00 dollars.-- Scholarship granted-- Approved by the board and the soccer community
New Business:
Director of Slammers- Election
Two Nominees
Michael Hargett
Nick Ruiz
Open Discussion: Qualifications
Michael Hargett- 14 years of coaching experience, played semi Pro, currently has a C license and working toward his B license
Nick has a D licenses and a current coach for the Slammers
Serena Team Rep. Would like to see the position open for a longer amount of time-- key position for the club-do not want to rush into a quick decision.
Chis Vance- Simply stated that the elections will take place tonight.
Michael Hargett is the new Director of Coaching
Votes: 2 for Nick, 20 for Micheal Hargett and 1 Abstained
Election for Recreation Director:
Chris Pearisaeff
Presidents- Chris Vance:
District 3 would like to see a separate league for select level teams
\RCL limited to a certain number of teams wants them to play in their league not the PSPL
Parents want their kids to play at the highest level
Perry in district 3 does not want to lose teams to the PSPL
The Premier League- The State wants to restructure and form a South Puget Sound League
Four RCL Clubs in this area-- Way to big need to form one or two clubs
Goal to have first, second, and third teams compete at the RCL
Teams lower compete in the South Puget Sound League
Wanted this to be done by May 1st-- not going to happen not enough time
May send a recreation team- We are not opposed to the South Puget Sound League
RCL we need to compete at the highest level
Coaches with experience and with high licensing
We are the second smallest RCL besides NW Nationals
To compete we must continue to grow
Regional Clubs are merging to compete-
Pac NW are looking at merging with Highline
CA Slammers enjoy the relation
Who would we merge with to grow--
Not with WPFC
Maple Valley not interested
MRFC is not interested
District 3 Representative- Chinn
Not present, no report.
Director of Player Development – Michael Hargett
                     Per the Slammers curriculum, with its player development focus, we need to educate parents and communicate with teams on coaching strategies, our new player development focus and strategies to reduce friction between coaches and parents. 
                     This curriculum focuses on player and national-player development. This focus is a change from our past focus of winning games and will need to be presented to coaches, parents and players at the initial team meetings at the beginning of the soccer season.
Director of Mod. –Adam Fufa
Games start next weekend- school fields are going well- schedules will be out next week
Secretary – Mona Planesi
No report
AYSA Treasurer- Treasurer. Sheri Greco -Not Present
We have cash in the bank-- doing great
Vice President-Helecia Thompson
No report-not present
Director of Referees- Bob Zippp
                      Washington State tournament- managers need to notify Tim or Bob if there are changes to the schedule- Everything is covered for State Cup
Megan Dehan- College Coordinator
                      College Night April 10th- keep this date
                      One team went to Las Vegas and did great- Boys U17
                      College night April 10th
                      Six Girls from the U18 team have accepted scholarships to continue to play in College
Registrar- Sara Birt
                      Setting tryout dates-will post on the web site
                      Registering for tryouts needs to be easier-- Ann Williams will look into this matter
                      Tryout committee will set a date and a meeting prior to tryouts
                      Need cost on the website
                      Kick around will start once league has finished up
                      Coaches will be posted soon for all ages group
Administration-Joyce Harris
                      Monitoring accounts
                      2,000 dollars left to collect
Field Coordinator,Tim Secrest
                      Brannon Park is no longer an option for games
                      The City needs to get the field in better shape
                      Need more space- always an issue
VP of Purchasing, Rich Hargett Hargett
                      Move the goals with ease the nets continue to tear
                      Uniforms will be on time-Euro Sports
                      Nike will contribute outfits for our coaches- coaches will look all the same
                      Game Kits, Practice Kits
                      A certain % of spirit apparel goes to the club when we order from the spirit page—more information will follow after tryouts
                      Purchasing will be easy
                      Roster will be sent to Euro Sports
                      There will be a sizing night prior to ordering uniforms
                     Euro Sports
                     Nike Kits around 300 dollars
                     include, rain-jackets, practice gear, game kit, backpack, and sweats
                     All team need to be dressed the same
                     all coaches will be dressed the same
                     8 nets for the GFP will purchase from Euro Sports will cost approx- 800.00 dollars
                     Rich will look into Under Armour for the teams to purchase
Web Master-Ann Williams
                      Lost and Found on the entire web site- make it easier to locate items
                      Will make registration easier for tryouts
Marketing Coordinator
                      Parent meeting prior to tryouts
                      Signs- up around Auburn for tryouts-- Looks great
                      Moving forward with fund raising
Director of Coaching- Michael Hargett
                      A forfeited game took place with one of our Slammer team
                      Did not travel over the pass
                      Fines will take place next time this happens to our club
                      The Coaches are ultimately responsible to make sure that the team will travel over the pass
                      Managers cannot make that decision whether or not they should travel over the pass
                      24 teams that weekend travel over the pass-
                      Teams may need to Caravan, take a bus- every effort needs to be made to travel over the pass
                      Long Term Player Development
                      Up grading our coaches with high licensing’s
                      Academy Director U8, U9, U10 League
                      Technical Sessions will be free to Slammer Players
                      Hodgie will be the technical Director
                      DJ pogson will be the Academy Director
                      Hodgie will run Winter/Spring extra trainings -finishing trainings/defense tactics
                      12 month player development
                      Listening to parents-Kid/parent friendly concept
                      we train and develop Slammer players
                      Produce good Kids
                     Waliee was up here to work on the business relationship
                     Slammers relationship
                     Cal-Slammer training our coaches
                     Wailee wants us to succeed helping our club to grow follow the cir cilium
                     Per the Slammers curriculum, with its player development focus, we need to educate parents and communicate with teams on coaching strategies, our new player development focus and strategies to reduce friction between coaches and parents. 
                     This curriculum focuses on player and national-player development. This focus is a change from our past focus of winning games and will need to be presented to coaches, parents and players at the initial team meetings at the beginning of the soccer season.
Marketing Report, Valinda Hortsman
                      Galizio Sports drink a fund raising opportunity
Motion passed: New Coaches
Megan Dehan - GU16 Orange team
Brian -U14 Boys Orange
George Chandler U11 Girls White team
Motion passed all coaches accepted- no abstained
Good of the Game:
GU11 Orange Div 3 won their division- Will promote to div. 2
GU13 White George took over- doing better
GU10 Blue team is playing well
GU16 White lost both of their games
BU11 White not a great season
GU14 White second on spring league-Great season
BU11 Orange Third place in League
GU12 White Great Season
GU17 Orange- Doing really well especially since Hodgie took over
BU10 White Doing okay in Div. One
GU00 Orange a great season
GU16 State Cup Starts on April 7th
GU11 Doing well
Bu12 Playing well
BU13 Won their Division
GU15 Orange 9-1-4 34 goals for, 4 against- Div. 3 looking forward to State Cup
Presidents message
Tryouts --we should be very excited as a club—moving in the right direction
All teams are doing well!!!
A motion made by Rich Hargett to adjourn the meeting, second by Sara Birt. The Meeting adjourned at 8:29pm

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