AYSA Board of Directors

Listed below are the AYSA Board of Directors and Program Coordinators for 2013. Please click on the member’s name if you would like to send them an email or call us at (253) 678-4630 and leave a message if you have any questions and someone will call you back within 72 hours during the season.

President Chris Vance
Vice President Michael Purcell
VP of Administration/Registrar Sara Birt
VP of Purchasing Rich Hargett
Interim Treasurer Kathy Gach
Secretary Sandy Guiton
Director of Modified Program James Gladwin
Director of Rainier Valley Slammers (RVS) Michael Hargett
RVS Administrative Assistant Joyce Harris
RVS College Coordinator Megan DeHan
RVS Jr. Academy Director DJ Pogson
RVS Team Manager Coordinator Krista Finney
RVS Technical Director Hadji Sow
Director of Recreational Program Chris Pearisaeff
Director of Referees Bob Zipp
Field Coordinator Tim Secrest
Marketing Coordinator Open
Webmaster Sarah Vilaysom-Walker