Upload your pictures!

Do you have pictures from your kids’ games, team events, auction dinner, fundraiser, etc sitting in your camera or phone? Why not upload them to our dropbox for possible consideration on the AYSA/RVS website. Send us an email to webmaster@auburnsoccer.org with the subject line: Request for an invitation to join our dropbox and put AYSA Mod, Rec, or RVS and age group in the body of the email. Once you accept the invitation, you can upload your pictures (please limit each photo to 2MB) to one of the shared folders AYSA MOD, AYSA REC, RVS accordingly. If you have any questions regarding this upload process, contact the webmaster. Or you can simply attach your picture(s) to an email to webmaster@auburnsoccer.org if it's only a few images.


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