Uniform Kits

Uniform kits can be purchased at http://www.soccer.com/playerpassnav/teamGateway_2.0.php?club_id=18643611. You should be receiving an email soon for your uniform ordering. Below are the required kit pieces:

Game Uniforms
Nike Challenge jersey in orange
Nike Challenge jersey in white
Nike Hertha Knit short in orange
Nike Hertha Knit short in white
Nike Classic III sock in orange
Nike Classic III sock in white
Practice Uniforms
Nike Tiempo II jersey in orange
Nike Tiempo II Jersey in navy
Nike Equaliser short in navy
Nike Classic III sock in navy
*Note this year's practice jerseys are navy and orange. The schedule for wearing the two colors for practices will be blue jersey on Mon/Tues practices and orange jersey on Wed/Thurs practices. Friday Night Lights can be either jersey. Players must wear RVS gear during all practices.








2016 RVS Apparel