RVS Girls Teams

Below are the teams for the 2016-2017 season. To contact any of the coaches, please click on the coach's name.

Age Group/Birth Year

Team Coach
GU8/2009 G09 Orange Stacy Snow
GU8/2009 G09 White Fox
GU9/2008 G08 Orange TBA
GU9/2008 G08 White Gordon
GU10/2007 G07 Orange Ashley Riggs
GU10/2007 G07 White Ashley Riggs
GU11/2006 G06 Orange Brian Tew
GU11/2006 G06 White Brian Tew
GU12/2005 G05 Orange DJ Pogson
GU12/2005 G05 White Stacy Snow
GU13/2004 G04 Orange Kelvin Galvez
GU13/2004 G04 White TBA
GU14/2003 G03 Orange Raphel Cox
GU14/2003 G03 White TBA
GU15/2002 G02 Orange Robyn Saarenas
GU15/2002 G02 White TBA
GU16/2001 G01 Orange Michael Hargett
GU16/2001 G01 White  
GU16/2001 G01 Blue TBA
GU17/2000 G00 Orange Michael Hargett
GU17/2000 G00 White TBA
GU18/1999 G99 Orange Nick Ruiz
GU18/1999 G99 White TBA
GU19/1998 G98 Orange Nick Ruiz

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